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Reaching 00:06
Everything will end, but we are just at the beginning.
In My Heart 03:46
All we did, All our thoughts, Little moments in my heart. Seeing you When the sun goes down In your heart... Fearing the sea In my heart The clouds, the strong wind In my heart Survivors, castaways In my heart An island far away In my heart Can I reach it?
I’m unable to love. I’m unable. I’m unable to kiss you. But I’m unable, I’m unable to resist you. I’m unable. And now the pain is unbearable. Crimson sky, A full moon night, Inside my soul I’m full of fears. Red lips, Deep eyes, And a thirst for happiness. Crimson sky, A full moon night, I’m overwhelmed by my fears. Red lips, Deep eyes, And a thirst for happiness. Nothing can reach me, Nothing can defy my walls. I’m foolish to even think That something outside exists. Pure concrete. Ear-deafening noise. But you are here, And I have to do something.
Our Sky 03:35
And now Alone I watch The sky Your eyes Are all I dream Tonight And now I see you Here outside Now it's time... ------ See, I'm here I'm trying To numb the pain They're here In my head There are noises Like nails In my head ------ The darkness Is already inside Your heart Cold as ice. I'll fight With those wicked gods That made it so freezing cold Even here outside ------ Searching for a place Still trying to numb the pain How can't you see They're screaming in my head like... ------ I'm here To warm you Holding you In my arms And everything Will make sense Pushing the darkness Away.
Houses 03:35
We are leaving our houses We are leaving our fears behind We are leaving our bodies We are trascending all hope Walking together in the night, Running away from those awful noises, The two of us walking hand in hand... I’m blinded by love again. Air is thick, my mind is black. Sunrise? Nowhere to be seen. And I know nothing will be alright but still... We are leaving our houses We are leaving our fears behind We are leaving our bodies We are trascending all hope Whiskey, diazepam and sertraline, I need a key to this door. Whiskey, diazepam and sertraline, Your voice is not clear anymore. But, in this mist I still love you.
We live, We fight, We bleed, We’re all right. We love, We run, We fall, We stand, We are heroes.
Stargazing 03:31
She’s not here, This room feels cold. I remember her eyes, And her heart. She’s not here, I gaze at the stars, trying to remember where we belong. (Are you feeling the stars?) My world is upside-down, All is lost. Our younger hopes I can’t even remember. She’s not here. I gaze at the stars (Are you feeling the stars?)
It’s raining blood over our souls, My demise is inevitable. I fought with all my energy But my weapons were not enough. Come here with me just for a moment To see this crimson moon I’ll never reach. Take my hand and I’ll show you The real nature of our existence. Your power could strenghten us, But you chose not to. As the night is covering our minds like a cloak, The rain fills the air with red vapours. If I focus intimately I can still see your lies through it. The beauty of your naked soul now Is forbidden, at least for me. But I want you to become stronger. I want you to defeat your self-imposed laws. Take this drop of light The last one I have Take this drop of light And keep it close to your heart. Take this drop of light And keep it close to your heart.


released December 8, 2017

Matteo Gagliardi − vocals, keyboards, drum programming
Giulia Cianca − female vocals (#1, #2, #4, #5, #6)
Diana D'Ascenzo − female vocals (#6, #8, #9, #10, #11)

Mark Brown - piano
Stephen K. Donnelly - guitars
Joni Fuller - violin, strings, percussions
Angelo Pagliuca Mena - tamburine and cajon
Matt Le Fevers - guitars
William Stewart - electric violin
Stryfer - bass guitar
Diego Van Cooper - drum programming
Siros Vaziri - drums
Mike Wyatt - guitars
Jung Chin Yeoh - cello

Produced by Matteo Gagliardi
Arranged by Søren
Recorded all over the world between 2013 and 2016
Vocals recorded in December 2016 at Playrec (Roma) by Fabio Fraschini
Mixed in January 2017 at Playrec (Roma) by Fabio Fraschini
Mastered in Februrary 2017 at Reference Mastering (Roma) by Fabrizio De Carolis

Cover art by Daniele Piscitello
Søren logo by Valeria Sorce (Puls’Art Design)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Søren Rome, Italy

Søren is an Italian collective formed in 2013 by Matteo Gagliardi.

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